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Q: What is the deal with the name of the site?
A: I feel that there are several good answers.  Feel free to pick one (or all) of them:
  • There are many kinds of guns (just as there are many kinds of people).
  • There are guns that some people hate (just like there are some people that other people can't stand).
  • People often judge a gun based on how "scary" it looks rather than the internal characteristics (Mom always said "not to judge a book by its cover" - she meant that as allegory for people, but it holds true for pretty much everything).
  • If you treat your guns well, they will work more reliably and last longer (just like people - we do better when treated with kindness and respect).
  • Because I think the phrase is catchy.
Q: How often do you update the site?
A: Whenever I find the time to finish a new article.

Q: May I use/copy/share the articles you wrote?
A: Absolutely!  Share them with anyone you can.  I ask that you give credit when possible, but if the choice is share and don't give credit or don't share at all - please share anyway!

Q: How much of the content on this site did you write?
A: All of it - minus the quotes.

Q: How can I help defend our Right to Self Defense?
A: First and foremost - write, call, and/or e-mail your Federal and State Representatives.  The NRA has a tool that will locate your Representatives and send them the message you submit.  That tool can be found here.  The U.S. Senate website will also allow you to find your Senators' webpages which all have "Contact Us" links on them.  The Senate site is here.  Second - join the NRA or a state lobbying organization.  Third - educate others about the importance of our Rights.