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Evil Guns?

By: Joshua Sullivan, Feb. 21, 2013
I have noticed that certain combinations of wood, metal, and plastic are ignored while others are decried as being inherently evil.  I believe that this is a false conclusion.

I believe that it is the act that determines morality - not the object.  I believe that objects are not inherently good nor inherently evil.

I arrived at this conclusion due to the following logic:
Consider the following true statement.

“Alcohol can be used positively and alcohol can also be used negatively.”

Note that the morality grammatically applies to the verb “used”.  The noun “alcohol” is not directly related to the adverbs “positively” or “negatively”.  That is to say, morality is linked to an action; it is not linked to an object.  To clarify, observe the absurdity of the following statement.

“Evil alcohol can be used positively.”

The very sentence is nonsense.  If the alcohol is inherently evil (as stated), then it cannot be used in a positive manner.

Thus it is proved: The act determines morality.  The object does not.

Following that line of reasoning, the shape or form of an object is also immaterial to its morality.  That is because the shape or form of an object is not an action - it is simply the arrangement of molecules of different dimensions.

One combination of wood, metal, and plastic is a snow shovel.  A shovel is a tool that few people view with horror or repulsion.  Yet it can be used to inflict harm on someone just as it can be used to clear snow from sidewalks.  The important factor is that a person must act in order for good or bad results to occur.

What of the firearm?  If a gun is wielded by a law-abiding citizen for good, it is a tool for good.  If it is wielded by a criminal with evil intent, it is a tool for evil.  A firearm, by itself, has no morality.  Guns have no morality because they have no will or sentience.  If a person acts with good, responsible, lawful intent then there is no reason to fear their possession of any weapon.  

I feel safest when I am surrounded by honest folks who are armed - even if I’m not armed.  Knowing that good, honest people have the ability to defend themselves (and me) from harm is a great comfort.  I disapprove of only two kinds of people being armed: the ignorant and those with ill-intent.  Most gun owners are neither.  

People often fear guns because they do not understand them.  Anything that is unknown can be frightening.  I encourage anyone who has a fear of guns to learn about them.